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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kalimdor: Un'Goro Crater

Surrounded on all sides by desert sands, the Un'goro Crater seemed to defy both time and nature's wrath.

 Meaning 'God Lands' in the Quraji language, Un'Goro was home to plants and animals unlike those found anywhere else on Kalimdor.

Seemingly repelled by the land itself, the Silithid were able to establish only the smallest of colonies within the Crater.

Some speculated that it was the Northern Pylon - and its sisters - that repelled the invading creatures.

 Others contemplated just who created the Eastern Pylon and it's kin.
Few dared to whisper that the Pylons were the tools of the Titans, set to protect their chosen experiments on Kalimdor.

 After many years, adventures discovered The Shaper's Terrace. 

Within the Halls of Repose lay an ancient tool of the Titans. Cultists and Adventures vied to control this monumental weapon.

Far below in the Crater proper it was clear to see that all things were touched by The Makers. Even the plain stone at Fungal Rock seemed to emanate power.

The bubbling ooze of the Lakkari Tar Pits leapt into life as Tar Beasts.

High in the mountains the mist lifted from Ironstone Plateau.

Calm waters flowed throughout The Marshlands.

All manner of giant, deadly creatures wandered the Terror Run ...

... among them the Devilsaur, feared not for its size but for its legendary stealth. 

Steaming water leap from the Golakka Hot Springs.

Fire Plume Ridge loomed ominously over all of the Crater.

The heat seemed to wrap around the few brave enough to trek to the peak ...

... where lava seeped up from the stone and carved its way down the mountainside. 

A small group of explorers banded together at Marshal's Refuge ...

... and within the crystal studded caverns that lay behind the camp.

No matter the fate of the Crystals, the Pylons, and perhaps the Makers themselves Un'Goro Crater quietly continued to defy the world around it.

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