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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Eastern Kingdoms: Stranglethorn Vale

Stranglethorn Vale was a large, lush, tropical jungle at the southern tip of the Eastern Kingdoms. 

 The ruins of the Gurbashi Empire littered the area.

Behind the mighty walls of the temple-city Zul'Gurub, trolls attempted to summon the Blood God Hakkar.

Not all of the Empire held up as well. The Ruins of Zul'Kunda sprawled across the hills and valleys.

The once graceful architecture was tumbled and ruined.

The Ruins of Zul'Mamwe were even further decayed.

The coastal shore was even more harsh on Zuuldaia's remains.

 The Ruins of Aboraz were occupied by the witch doctor Zanzil.

The Balia'mah ruins were nearly overcome by the jungle.

While the Ruins of Bal'lal were nearly consumed by the sand.

The mighty Gurubashi Arena weathered both time and invasion.

The Great Arena within was a legendary battlefield for gladiatorial combat.

Outcasts from the Empire, the Zandalar trolls of Yojamba Isle defied the priests of Hakkar, openly opposing his return to the flesh.

The Alliance-lead Rebel Camp fought against the traitors ...

... who rallied under Colonel Kurzen at his compound.

The fortified ruins and twisting tunnels were guarded by his lackeys.

Grom'Gol Base Camp was situated at the mouth of the Nazferiti River.
Nesingwary's Expedition recruited adventures to hunt big game.

Ogres hunted adventurers from their Mosh'Ogg Mound.

Naga guarded the Nek'mani Wellspring.
The wildlife of Mistvale Valley was nearly as fierce.

The Venture Co polluted Lake Nazferiti.
Mysteries remained behind massive gates along the coast.

 Water elementals converged on a deserted island.

Stealthy panthers - and a legendary beast - guarded Jaguero Isle.

Bloodsail pirates infested The Wild Shore ...

... and the waters off the Shore as well.

Booty Bay was home to the Blackwater Raiders, sworn enemies of the Bloodsail Buccaneers.

The goblins of Booty Bay enjoyed the prosperity of trade, and their own slightly shady cross faction auction house.

They fortified their port city against any sea incursions ...

 ... while welcoming visitors and adventures from Janiro's Point.

So ends the first part of our journeys, on the shores of Stranglethorn, with the setting sun before us and memories behind. Follow me further still to the coasts of Kalimdor, to the snowy peaks and magical valleys that will soon be lost to us all.

Eastern Kingdoms: Blasted Lands

Once the green and marshy Black Morass, the Blasted Lands were torn asunder with the creation of the Dark Portal.

 Nethergarde Keep maintained a small force to watch over the magical gateway.
The twisted land was loath to give up its resources to the workers of the Netherguarde Armory.

 On the mountainside above an Alter of Storms stood as a relic of the Second War, its uncontrolled magic drawing ogre magi from to it.

 Dreadmaul Hold was filled with both magical and more mundane - but just as viscous - ogres.

 Cultists slunk around around the Serpent's Coil mines.

Even the Ogres barricaded the road that lead deeper into the mountains.

Unnatural lightening pounded the demonic Tainted Scar.

Monuments to strange powers - and a sacrificial alter - were the only nondemonic structures in the stricken area.

The Alliance and Horde united to defend Azeroth from the Dark Portal's reopening.

Countless heroes ventured forth through its dark passageway; 
far from all of them returned.

Eastern Kingdoms: Swamp of Sorrows

Past the tortured lands of Deadwind Pass was the verdant Swamp of Sorrows.

The marshy lands were home to all manner of odd creatures.
The Lost Ones made their home in Fallow Sanctuary.

Green Dragonkin circled around Itcharius's Cave.

Vaporous monsters lumbered around the Misty Valley.

 A handful of Lost Ones friendly to  adventurers held out at the Harborage.

Murlocs built villages along the Misty Reed Strand.

The Pool of Tears lay still and nearly silent ...

.. as it lapped against the stone of the Temple of Atal'Hakkar, long ago sunk beneath the waters to contain a great evil.

The Horde maintained a small outpost at Stondard.

The Swamp of Sorrows may have been small, but it sat on the doorstep of destiny.